Hi and Welcome!

I am Julia Markova, your Gut-Brain Coach™.

I speak Functional and Bioindividual Nutrition. And a few other languages (I am bilingual English/ Russian, fluent in French, and “like a dog” in Greek: I understand it but don’t speak it well any more).  More importantly, I have lived, worked, cooked, and eaten across multiple countries and cultures prior to starting my nutrition coaching practice in Portland, Oregon, USA.

That is why, sometimes, I find it easier to talk about the things I am not vs. those that I might be. Such as:

  • I am not a “health warrior ” as I find “health” and “war” incompatible with each other.
  • In spite of being confused at times (moves across hemispheres can do that), I have never lost my drive to seek out and cook local food grown and raised with integrity. This, to me, is the ultimate definition of “superfoods.” It does not cost more time or money and gives me time back to do what I love (and, yes, I am happy to show you how:-)). 
  • I have never found my “driving Zen” as I grew up with an excellent public transit system. Now that I live in the US, I bike and walk whenever I can. Apparently, this means I can never do enough kegels (I am told I am supposed to do one at every red light but I simply do not experience enough red lights in my daily life).
  • I cannot tell you about the best water filter to use.  I recommend fresh mineral spring water instead.  I do have to drive to my closest water spring but that drive still does not involve many traffic lights  (so not enough kegels for me, once again:-)).
  • I am not interested in giving people (other than my own children) diet and lifestyle advice until the pain of staying where they are becomes greater than the pain of changing.

Finally, I do not know all the answers and I never will. In my coaching practice, I help my clients to get curious about how they got to where they are now so that, together, we can find a better way moving forward.

Certifications/ Letters after the Name:

  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach
  • Functional Nutrition Lab: Proud Scholarship Recipient (“PDX Pick”) and Graduate (“Digestive Intensive” and “Full Body Systems”)
  • MBA, UC Davis (USA)
  • BA,  Linguistics, Moscow State Linguistic University (Russia)
  • Currently pursuing: Bioindividual Nutrition Practitioner Certification (Institute of Bioindividual Nutrition/ Julie Matthews)