Have a GREAT start of the year

I feel full of hope for this year and I hope you do too!

And, I know that soon (if not already), your inbox will be overflowing with emails inviting you to join this or that challenge, and this or that cleanse, accordingly…

Does it seem like, even though this is a brand new year, you are supposed to be starting it exactly the same way as you did any previous year? Does it make sense?  The answer is highly subjective. It depends, of course. It depends on what you actually did this time around last year and it really depends on how you are:-).

But what if you started this year full of hope and curiosity about who YOU truly are and what makes you YOU?

What if, instead of embarking on yet another “everybody-does-it-now-New-Year-self-punishment-ritual” you spent the time learning about what foods nourish YOU versus which ones deplete YOU?

Let’s say your friend Jill is over the moon with the daily celery juice craze and, while you have tried it, you honestly cannot stand celery juice.

Does it mean: 1) you are a “celery juice failure;” or 2) there is something about that daily celery juice intake that actually does not work for you, and, thankfully, your body is still strong enough to tell you?

What if you took a look at your life to figure out how to add in more of that gives you energy and minimize what takes your energy away? And what if , while doing that, you discovered that less might be more for YOU (whether it is less of specific food or less exercise, and it really depends on the type)?

What if you finally decided to take care of yourself and nourish your body to let it support you the way it wants to? That is what functional nutrition and lifestyle approach is about and that is what I practice with my clients. Usually, no cleanses are involved. I am not saying cleanses are bad. It is simply that I find that most of us need to nourish and replenish more than we need to purge and cleanse away. And, yet, it depends on each person and their physiology, of course.

And you know what would be a fun thing to do to start off the year? Book a Free Consultation to chat in more details about how we can work together.  That is where I cover in great detail how we might go about figuring out what feeds you.  There are no strings attached. We get to hang out and chat over tea.

freshmintteaHappy 2019!


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