“Prevention does not sell in America…”

“Julia, prevention does not sell in America,” the mighty health coach/ guru, whose advice I was seeking, told me. It was a few years ago and, frankly, crushing to hear. I did not want to believe it.

Now, fast forward a few years and quite a few mistakes later, I have to admit that you were one hundred per cent correct, Sean. Prevention does NOT sell in America…

But you know what? Realizing that you were correct almost made me stop doing the very things that fed my soul…the very things that made get into this, to begin with.

No, prevention does not sell per se but, what if you are not trying to sell all the time?

What if it is really important to you to be able to speak from your heart and not give a flying ribbon about whether or not what you are talking about is going to make you money in that moment? What if knowing that you are truly serving people out there is enough?

And do we have to put labels on everything? What does “prevention” even mean?  In America, or anywhere else, for that matter? How do you know what you might be  “preventing” if you actaully never progress to the state of dis-ease?

“All disease begins in the gut,” said Hippocrates. So, what might happen for you if you took very simple steps to optimize your digestion before your body got dis-ease elsewhere?

Another favorite quote of mine, by the way, is by Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, author of “The Dirt Cure.” She said: “ The gut is the soil where the brain grows.” I feel like that saying summarizes pretty succinctly why I feel like hanging out in the “gut-brain axis” space so much and why I have chosen to devote my health coaching career to it.

And this finally brings me back to my upcoming talks at my beloved Portland Classical Chinese Garden. They are called “Gut-Brain Connection: Simple Steps to Better Digestion” and they start this week. The first one is this Thursday, April 4th, please click this link for the complete schedule. While I designed these talks as a four-part series, if you are able to just make one, go for it (I do my best to review what folks might have missed before each one). And something else you might want to know: these are the talks I almost gave up on and actually took a break from for a few years…Until I was suddenly approached by an elderly lady at a local charity auction. She looked at me and said: “Wait! Aren’t you the nutritionist who used to be giving talks at the Portland Chinese Garden? My friend and I, we got SO MUCH out of them…” My jaw nearly hit the floor as I thanked the kind woman, nearly fighting back tears.

You are free to call the upcoming talks whatever you want. Call it “Julia’s Swan Song” if you must (more on that some other time). Just come. The price of garden admission gets you in and the money goes to Lan Su Chinese Garden, a non-for-profit organization whose mission I admire.

Drop by my talks and catch yourself a mindful break in this urban oasis. Stay for as long as you want, check out the tea house (it is superb), take a garden tour and soak it all in. You are more than worth and, I promise, you will not regret these small self-care steps. As for my talks, you will come out of each talk with three (not 10 or 20, just 3) actionable steps to take home with you to optimize your digestion and up-level your energy. Whatever we choose to call it (Peace, Sean:-)), we can all use some of it these days.

See you soon!

IMG_0237 2
April 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th, 2-3 p.m. @Lan Su Chinese Garden       “Gut-Brain Connection Talks: Simple Steps to Better Digestion”




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