New “Quarantine Workout”

Photo by Julia Markova, Gut-Brain Coach in Forest Park (Portland, Oregon). Image may contain: one or more people, tree, plant, outdoor and nature

Keeping things alive here: new “quarantine workout” invented to #feedyourgutbrain 💜. 1) Walk the trails if available. 2) If you see someone else to share the path with, pull up your scarf and step aside. 3) Climb UP to the side of the trail (good balance and close toe shoes are a must) and do squats until the person (s) pass safety. 4) Return to mellow meditative walking. 5) See someone? Repeat above. Stay sharp, fit and SANE, Beautiful People 😘

Published by gutbraincoach

First and foremost, I am a Global Citizen and a lover of delicious food, water and air. Born in Moscow, Russia, I grew up in Athens, Greece and spent time traveling the world. Right now, home is Portland, Oregon. I love connecting with people from diverse cultures and I stand for everything real. Be it food or feelings. I am a proud Functional Nutrition Lab Graduate and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. I am passionate about the the gut-brain axis because it is where we can connect the missing dots and the two brains to transform anxiety and brain fog into clear energy.

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