New “Quarantine Workout”

Keeping things alive here: new “quarantine workout” invented to #feedyourgutbrain 💜. 1) Walk the trails if available. 2) If you see someone else to share the path with, pull up your scarf and step aside. 3) Climb UP to the side of the trail (good balance and close toe shoes are a must) and do squats untilContinue reading “New “Quarantine Workout””

What is most nutrient dense?

What is the most nutrient dense thing you can eat/ feed your family? Well, the liver, of course (from a happy pastured or free ranged animal, please ❤️). And when it’s finally in the pot cooking itself into a delicious pâté, you can finally breathe a sign of relief. Because, after you clean up yourContinue reading “What is most nutrient dense?”